Gender Strategies in Learning English

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Penulis:Sigit Apriyanto, S.Pd., M.Pd

Overall, it can be concluded that gender differences are an important aspect in English language teaching in Indonesia, particularly in vocational school. Students in the class are various and come from different backgrounds and therefore, they are different. Characteristics of men and women in communication can affect the performance of the Indonesian students in learning English. Those differences also open the possibilities of female and male students to be different in their learning strategy. Therefore, it is important for language learners to choose appropriate strategies. If gender factor is considered as one of the factors in choosing the appropriate learning strategies, this may result in good performance in learning. Findings and relates theories from this book bring significant contributions to the literature of gender differences in communication in a different setting of communication, that is in the classroom and English language teaching. It also gives beneficial input to the process of English language teaching at vocational school in Indonesia. Gender strategies are also important information for language teachers in order to create good atmosphere in learning process. The phenomena experienced by the students indicated that in different settings of communication will bear different choices of learning strategies. In addition, factor of gender differences in the choices of those learning strategies need to be considered as a factor determining the success in English language teaching.

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